About Our Felt

We think it’s time felt had a revival. It’s tactile, fun, cheeky, protective and colorful. Our mission is to make a place for felt in every space that you call home. We use felt made from post-consumer recycled plastics for all of our products - Why? Because it makes feeling good and looking good that much better for the world around us.

Hi Tech Properties for a Lo-Fi Lifestyle

When we say “it’s time felt had a revival” we don’t just mean in terms of style. Felt has gained a bad rep over the years. It can be flimsy, bad for the earth, not vegan, and sometimes really expensive! That’s where we come in. Feltory is a new kind of felt, made from Recycled PET, which is just a fancy way of saying a material made from reprocessed plastic waste. It’s tactile, fun, protective, and best of all - it can be recycled at the end of its life. Love it, move it, use it, then just toss it in that blue bin when you’re ready to move on. No hard feelings here!

Pick a Side

The process to create felt from our post-consumer recycled plastic coasters is a technique called “Needle Felting.” It shapes and molds the fibers into the felted form and contributes to its high-performance nature. Because of this special technique, there is a needle felted side to the felt that has more “needle marks” and texture, and a smoother side when you flip it around. No side is right or wrong - and the performance will not be affected by which side you use. It’s all in the details!

Cleaning and Care

How do you clean it, you ask? The truth is: Soap, water, (and for the trickiest of stains, Shout) all work amazing. Our felt is water absorbent, thermo protective, and stain resistant, so all you have to worry about is who to invite over. Polyester is very simple that way; nothing sticks to it or stains so your real task is getting rid of stuck on gunk. Its non-porous nature allows it to not absorb anything, but spills can get in between fibers, so it’s all about getting things out from between them. Water and soap as solvents do that really well. 

About Us

The Feltory studio is located in the historic Silver Lake district of Los Angeles. Dedicated to the mission of “making felt fun,” our small team designs every item in house and works with trusted manufacturers to bring quality comforts to your home.